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Price: $199.00

SKU: Model A
Brand: Rolling Ladder Stabilizer
Weight: 16.00 LBS

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The Rolling Ladder Stabilizer System

Welcome to Kentucky T-Systems, LLC (KTS). The Original Rolling Ladder Stabilizer is a ladder stand off accessory that is easily, quickly, and securely attached. This safety accessory increases the stability of the ladder during use by widening the area of contact between the ladder and a structure. It also includes a unique feature that improves stability when the ladder is used against an outside corner of a structure or against a pole or tree.

Ladder Stabilizer that Protects Surfaces

The Original Rolling Ladder Stabilizer includes high density foam, self-skinned polyurethane rollers that roll against the structure while the user extends or retracts the extension ladder. This eases the task of raising or lowering the ladder. This is an especially nice feature when working on structures with vinyl, aluminum, or fiber-cement siding or even cedar shingle siding.  The foam rollers also protect these surfaces from being marred, scratched, or crushed by the ladder legs.

Extension Ladder Standoff

Our extension ladder accessories can also be configured to protect gutters or windows by preventing contact between the ladder and these structural members, while still providing improved stability for the user. Another unique feature is that the distance at which the ladder is held from a structure may be adjusted as desired, thus providing a comfortable position for performing various tasks such as pressure washing, painting, cleaning, or general maintenance. While protecting your gutters, the standoff device can also be used to enhance rooftop access.

All units are powder coated “fire engine red” and are shipped with a Product Demonstration DVD and the following hard-copy documentation: (1) Assembly, Mounting, and Dismounting Instructions, (2) Parts List & Assembly, Illustration, and Warranty & Disclaimer.