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About Us

About our Rolling Ladder Stabilizer Company

Thank you for your interest in Kentucky T-Systems, LLC (KTS), a closely-held limited liability company. KTS is a virtual store with no brick & mortar establishment, but you can always call us at 1-888-458-6546.

Easy to use Ladder Stabilizer

We brought our innovative extension ladder accessories to market in 2012, making The Original Rolling Ladder Stabilizer available to commercial and residential customers internationally. We proudly stand behind our product, which was designed & manufactured to the highest standards in order to provide you with years of service.

Our product is manufactured in the U.S.A. by a reputable company that specializes in the manufacturing of safety, rescue, and survival equipment. We are also confident that our product has a combination of unique characteristics & functionality that you will not find elsewhere.

Ladder Standoff 

The Original Rolling Ladder-Stabilizer is a ladder stand off device that not only increases the stability of the ladder when leaned against a flat surface, but also improves stability when used against an outside corner of a structure or against a pole and most trees. Our device also rolls against a structure while the user extends or retracts the extension ladder.

The Rolls will not Damage Surfaces ladder stabilizer for extension ladder

The foam rollers protect the surface of the structure from being damaged by the ladder legs and can also be extended to straddle most windows. Another unique feature is that the distance at which the ladder is held from the structure may be adjusted to provide a comfortable position for performing various tasks such as pressure washing, painting, cleaning gutters, and other home construction or maintenance tasks.

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